It takes years of travel experience to provide you with the perfect travel experience.

The world is changing rapidly. So is the way people are traveling around it.

As a travel company, it's no longer enough to simply book an airline ticket. You need to book an experience. Creating any experience demands that the travel company be creative and innovative. That they go the extra mile instead of just getting the client to a destination.

That's what makes our company so unique. We literally go to the ends of the earth to satisfy our clients. No one offers a more personal service. No one is more accommodating.

We have people who've spent years in this business because they love to travel. They know what separates a good trip from a great trip. They know this not just from reading books or watching videos. They know it from their own travels. And from their own hearts.

We founded eTravelBound in an effort not only to introduce travelers to the beauty, culture and romance of Tahiti, but to also get you the best value for your money. We are a retail travel company specializing in French Polynesia and consider ourselves to be the "Tahiti Travel Pros". And more important, our service is free. A travel agent is paid a commission from the supplier, (hotels, airlines, tour operators, etc.) for selling the product. You get all this great service and top-notch expertise at no additional charge to you. You pay only for the selected trip itself. Our consulting and reservation service is absolutely free. So why not let the pros save you money and provide you with the expertise in planning your visit to these exotic islands. Experience some of the charms that have drawn us back to Tahiti over and over again.


We know Tahiti and we give you the straight talk. We understand the finer details that go into making a trip of a lifetime. Your vacation is designed by a staff that has superior knowledge of Tahiti and her islands. Having made numerous trips and thorough research, we understand the finer details that go in to making a unique and memorable vacation.

We guarantee competitive prices and the best value in Tahiti travel packages on the market today. We work in concert with many tour companies, who, like ourselves specialize in Tahiti. You benefit from the strong buying power established with suppliers such as airlines and hotels.

We offer a bounty of choices. We have reviewed and critiqued all the packages of the top tour operators and extracted the "cream of the crop". Our special selection represents the best in creative and innovative itineraries..

You will receive top-notch, personalized assistance in arranging your dream vacation. No two travelers are alike. Individual attention is key to successful vacation planning.

We take great pride in making your vacation just what you want it to be. We are committed to providing you with all the information you need to make the most of your travel experience.

eTRAVELBOUND is your one source for providing expert knowledge and superior service in planning your South Seas adventure.

Jeanne Kolander made her first trip to Tahiti over 25 years ago. Her interest was sparked in Tahiti as a young girl studying the people and culture of the South Pacific. She owned and operated a Polynesian dance studio for six years in the Southern California area. With her extensive knowledge of the destination she went to work for the largest Tahiti tour operator, Islands in the Sun. She later worked in the airline industry. This gained her the inside knowledge of the travel business. She then went on to open her own travel company. Having traveled over 30 times to French Polynesia, she wants others to share in the discovery of these incredible islands called Tahiti.

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