Money-Saving travel tips and information on airlines and hotels of French Polynesia. Insider tips for making reservations for Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea,Tahaa, Rangiroa and Manihi.

Tips and Information for planning your Tahiti vacation.

Tahiti is just 8 hours non-stop flying time from Los Angeles. We are able to offer you the largest selection, greatest availability and best flight schedules from the United States with these fine airlines.



AIR FRANCE operates the Boeing 747, coach seating across 3-4-3.
AIR TAHITI NUI operates the AIRBUS 340, coach seating across 2-2-2-2.


 Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui is the preeminent carrier to French Polynesia. Because they are a Tahitian owned airline and the in-flight crew, food service and ambiance is true Polynesian…your vacation begins when you step aboard. Their modern fleet of Airbus 340-300 series aircraft provides a unique and endearing experience. They have earned an excellent reputation for on-time performance and in-flight service not to mention a perfect safety record!

Air Tahiti Nui is an exclusive user of the Airbus 340-300. These aircraft were selected due to their state of the art technology, reliability, passenger comfort and long-range capability.

The cabin is a twin aisle wide body. This has led to a choice of six-abreast seating in business and eight-abreastseating in coach. This arrangement provides for twin-seating only. It avoids any five-abreast or triple (except for 18 seats) seating arrangements common on other carriers, thus providing seat width equivalent or superior to others. You are never more than one seat from the aisle!

Coach seating provides every passenger with a personal video system including adjustable screens and the listening quality is far superior to ordinary airline earphones using the latest Matsushita equipment. Six full-run movies on every flight.

Business class passengers are served in a spacious and themed cabin, which provides an ambience of true Polynesian warmth and hospitality at the highest level. The two-abreast seating provides privacy and comfort. Each custom-designed seat features fully adjustable head and leg rests and personal advanced video screens.

First class seating serves six pampered guests in an exclusive enclave. The centerpiece is the seat itself: fully reclining sleeper seats with state-of-the-art components such as a 12-inch video screen and personal in-flight telephone. All amenities are provided such as oversized pillows and blankets and soft pajamas for a restful sleep.

Air Tahiti Nui is the first choice for most travelers!

Air transportation on scheduled airlines in economy class from Los Angeles to Tahiti starts at $1123  based on a round trip, low season APEX fare. This economy class APEX fare is the price the airlines quote to you if you were to call them direct. When you purchase a pre-planned travel package you save substantially on this airfare. Outstanding business class fares begin at $3706 from Los Angeles  representing considerable savings off the regular business class fares. You may indulge yourself with First Class round trip air travel for $5877 from Los Angeles. United States departure tax, fuel surcharge and airport fees of range from $195 - $230 and must be added to your international air ticket.


Aremiti Ferry-450 passenger, high-speed catamaran
Tahiti/Moorea - One Way Fare :$17 Approx. Time: 30 minutes

Air Tahiti is the domestic airline of French Polynesia operating a fleet of 42 and 72 passenger, jet prop, ATR aircraft. Air Tahiti's extensive routing system connects over 37 destinations throughout the islands. Below are approximate "point to point" fares for sample flights. You will want to take advantage of Air Tahiti's special island hopping fares by following a specific routing. (This routing will depend on the islands you choose to visit). Air Tahiti offers several different "air passes" which can be just another component to a pre-planned package that will save you money.

Tahiti/Bora Bora        One Way Fare from:$199  Approximate Flight Time:45 minutes
Tahiti/Huahine           One Way Fare from:$130 Approximate Flight Time: 35 minutes
Tahiti/Rangiroa          One Way Fare from:$179 Approximate Flight Time: 60 minutes
Huahine/Bora Bora    One Way Fare from:$ 110 Approximate Flight Time: 20 minutes

Air Pass #1 - from $370 Tahiti/Moorea/Huahine/Raiatea/Bora Bora
Air Pass #2 - from $450 Same as Air Pass #1, plus Rangiroa/Manihi/Tikehau/Fakarava

*Fares based on low season and may vary based on current currency exchange rate.

Each extraordinary island in French Polynesia has it own charm, beauty and allure. Each displays its own treasures in its character, tradition and topography. Each offers a unique travel experience. Our "Islands" section will help you select the island combinations that allow you to discover the Tahiti adventure of your dreams.

How you experience French Polynesia will depend to a great degree on the hotels you select. This is particularly true on the outer islands, where your hotel is likely to be the center of your activities. Tahiti hotels are unique, unlike anything you will find in other destinations of the world. They can vary from a large 200-room luxury resort to a few Polynesian bungalows scattered on a palm-fringed beach. Tahiti's hotels offer a most intimate and authentic Polynesian ambiance using natural and local building materials. No building higher than the tallest palm tree.

It is difficult to use such standard hotel descriptions such as "deluxe" or "first class". The reason is that Tahiti is not a standard place. You may elect to stay on a remote atoll, in an overwater bungalow, cooled naturally by the ocean breezes, or in cosmopolitan Papeete in an air-conditioned high rise. Even a modest hotel may offer a setting of beauty beyond compare and the experience of staying there may exceed that of staying in a luxurious hotel elsewhere in the world.

What strikes you, as "deluxe" will depend entirely on your own picture of paradise. We try to make that picture as clear as possible for you, so that you can choose with confidence. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared detailed descriptions of each hotel on the following pages, and rated them based on the quality of their facilities and services. Our staff has visited each and every hotel featured on our site. We have either stayed at the hotel or done a thorough inspection. Facilities and activities offered by each hotel can vary and change frequently. Once you have made an initial selection, we can provide you with the most up to date information. You will find the "starfish" hotel rating system given by eTravelbound through our years of South Pacific expertise. They are not associated with ratings of other companies or organizations.

The finest of hotels in Polynesia. A luxury resort, offering superior service
and location.Extending amenities of a world-class resort.

Facilities are of high quality with personalized service and excellent
beachfront location. Extending amenities of an international standard resort.

Intermediate level of accommodations. Facilities are
moderate while location and services are good.

Comfortable, modest accommodations. Extending good
value for the price conscious vacationer.

Simple and basic accommodations. Budget hotel with adequate facilities.

In most hotels in Tahiti check-in time is 1:00 p.m.

In most hotels in Tahiti check-out time is 11:00 a.m.

Early Flight Arrival and Pre-Registration

With many international flights arriving in Tahiti in the very early hours of the morning, it is suggested that you pre-register your hotel room for immediate occupancy. If it is included in a package, this will be indicated in the "Included Features".

Late Flight Departures and Day Rooms

Some international flights depart from Tahiti very late in the evening. You may want to consider purchasing a late check-out. If already included in a package, it will be indicated in the "Included Features" as "Late Check-out" or "Day Room".

Hotels are a key element to a pre-planned travel package. Tahiti hotels give highly discounted rates to tour operators. In selecting a package you benefit from these special prices and as an added feature, room taxes are included.

Much of the fun of coming to Tahiti is being able to stay in a thatched roof bungalow located in a tropical garden, on a beautiful palm lined beach or over a turquoise blue lagoon. For the ultimate getaway, choose a vacation that features these traditional Tahitian accommodations.

Once you have selected the islands you wish to visit, the hotels you want to stay, and the excursions that spark your interest, peruse the many packages. This special collection of " travel packages" is ours exclusively and represent the best values in Tahiti travel packages on the market today. A "travel package" or "tour package" is a pre-designed itinerary put together by a travel company that specializes in a specific destination. Hands down! This is the best way to see Tahiti. You can save 30% or more compared to making the same arrangements on your own.

There are plenty of choices!!! We offer an extensive variety of island and hotel combinations to fit a wide range of budgets and schedules. So explore, have some fun...dream.

Our HONEYMOON itineraries are designed with newlyweds in mind. These special packages invite you to explore the most beautiful islands in the world. Indulge yourselves in a tropical paradise that awaits your arrival. Tahiti, where love lives.

If you have always thought that a trip to Tahiti was beyond your means take a look at our specials. We have selected the most popular islands and combined them with a low, economy airfare along with excellent hotel values and come up with some of the lowest prices available on the market.

If you are undecided, let us help you. Or, if you do not find the perfect Tahiti vacation, our destination expects will be happy to customize your own personalized dream vacation.

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