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Opalescent turquoise lagoons. Thatched roofed bungalows. Dazzling emerald volcanic peaks.
Lush misty valleys. White sandy beaches. A scenic masterpiece of nature. Islands beyond the ordinary.
It's spectacular. It's breathtaking.
It's Tahiti.

Dear Traveler:
Welcome to one of the best Tahiti travel sites on the internet!

Hi, my name is Jeanne Kolander and I believe, you will find this site a great place to visit when planning your trip to Tahiti. You will be saving time and money and avoiding mistakes. This site includes maps and general information on Tahiti such as airfare, hotels, resorts, island cruises, travel packages, climate, geography, entry requirements, currency, clothing, dining, diving, shopping, and much more. You've picked the right place!

Over the past 25 years I have personally counseled thousands of people just like you on their Tahiti travel plans. My first trip to Tahiti was over 30 years ago and I've been going back ever since...over 30 times. I will share my knowledge with you throughout this site.

What exactly is a travel package?

A "travel package" or "tour package" is a pre-designed itinerary put together by a travel company that specializes in a specific destination. Hands down! This is the best way to see Tahiti. You can save 30% or more comparedto making the same arrangements on your own. Let me give you an example. If you were to plan your own trip you would call the airline direct and pay for a full fare economy ticket. You would then need to contact each hotel directly in Tahiti to make your reservations (not an easy task!). And you would pay "published" room rates, which are a hotel's highest price. Then once you arrive you would need to take taxis. And making inter-island air reservations is near impossible. Well...you get the picture. Arranging all this yourself takes a lot of time and a lot of work! Now when I say tour package I am not referring to a group of people being herded along by a group leader. It is not like that. It is all independent travel. It really means everything has been arranged for you in advance making it worry free and really isn't that what a vacation is all about. A package is definitely the way to go!

What airlines do you recommend?

My opinion on this is let your departure date and time determine the carrier you will use.  Most people have a set vacation schedule and are not real flexible on their departure and return dates. Therefore you go with the airline that operates on the days you want to travel. By the way, you should not mix carriers...meaning go over on one airline and come back on another - it's cost prohibitive. The carriers that depart from the west coast (LAX) of the United States are: Air France and Air Tahiti Nui. Air Tahiti Nui, the official airline of Tahiti, begins your vacation the moment you step aboard. The in-flight service and ambiance is true Polynesian.  And speaking again of a package, lower airfare is the biggest reason why you want to go with a package. Massive buying power means incredible savings, which is passed on to you.

What islands should I go to?

In my opinion you can't go wrong here! However, each has its own charm and beauty. Each has its own look and feel. Each offers its own unique travel experience. But just as travelers are different so are their interests. What islands spark your interest is a very personal choice but I can tell you Moorea is the most popular. I think this is due to its proximity and easy access to the main island of Tahiti (a 30 minute boat ride or a 10 minute flight). Moorea hotels can be a little cheaper too. The second most popular island is famed Bora Bora with its magnificent lagoons and upscale hotels. But then there are the atolls with their nearly deserted beaches and spectacular underwater scenery. I highly recommend you take a good look at the islands section for detailed information on all the islands of French Polynesia. The order you visit the islands is important. You will want to take advantage of Air Tahiti's special island hopping fares by following a specific routing. Air Tahiti offers several different air passes which can be just another component to a package that will save you money. By the way, the islands section also profiles the various excursions available on each island - you know, the fun stuff!

What hotels should I stay at?

The hotels you select are so important to the overall success of your trip. I can't stress this enough. Your hotel is likely to be the center of your activities - you'll want it to be a good one - the right one. Hotels in Tahiti can range from a large 200-room resort to a small intimate hotel with a few Polynesian bungalows. We try to paint a very clear picture of the wide range of hotels so that you can make an informed choice. Prepared for you are detailed descriptions of each hotel. I have visited each and every hotel featured on our site. I have either stayed at the hotel or done a thorough inspection. The hotels have been rated based on quality of their facilities and services. You will find our "starfish" hotel rating system - 5 starfish being best. I encourage you to take a close look at the hotel section. Hotels are a key element to a travel package. Tahiti hotels extend to us highly discounted room rates to tour operators. In selecting a package you benefit from these special prices and as an added feature, room taxes are included.

How do I get around?
How do I get from the airport to the hotels and back to the airport?

There are always taxis and limousines waiting at the airport but this can get pricey. "Le Truck" is the famous non-rapid transportation system of Tahiti. This brightly painted jitney is actually a flatbed truck outfitted with an open- air cabin and wooden seats. It is an entertaining and inexpensive way to get around and see the sights. However, I do not recommend using these to get back and forth to hotels and the airport dragging along all your luggage. When you plan your trip using a tour package we always includes the necessary ground transfers. This means included in the price of your package will be all the transfers necessary for you to get from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport. They also include transfers that are necessary to get you to an excursion, a sightseeing tour or a special lunch or dinner that has been included in the itinerary. This is a definite money-saving benefit not to mention the convenience. Your baggage handling is taken care of. You get door-to-door service every step along the way. People tell me "It's wonderful having someone meet us when we get off the plane".

You work hard to earn your vacation.
Don't work hard to plan it.


Now that you know a travel package is the way to go, you want to know where to find thesepackages. I have taken the time to review and critique all the itineraries of the top Tahiti wholesale companies. I have extracted the best of the best, featuring only the ones that offer the greatest value. This is a big time-saver for you. You won't need to pour over all the travel brochures with a calculator...I've done it for you. You will find these selected programs categorized in 3 sections on the site: Packages, Honeymoons and Specials. There's a huge selection offering you plenty of choices. No one else has put together anything like this! You will find an extensive variety of island and hotel combinations to fit a wide range of budgets and schedules. So explore, have some fun...dream.

Once you have made a selection let our Tahiti experts handle your reservations. We are your one source for providing expert knowledge and superior service in planning your Tahiti adventure. And, best of all our service is FREE! Honest, it doesn't cost you a cent. A travel agent is paid a commission from the supplier (hotels, airlines, tour operators, etc.) for selling the product. You get all this great information and top notch, quality service at no additional charge to you. You pay only for the selected trip itself. Our complete Tahiti vacation consulting and reservation service is absolutely free.

Will you customize a package for me?

Absolutely! This is our specialty. We know and love Tahiti, and we take great pride in making your vacation just what you want it to be. And with a custom designed itinerary you continue to benefit from the same money-saving components that make up any other travel package...airlines, hotels, meeting service and ground transfers.


Many of us will hire a realtor to buy a house, an accountant to do our taxes, a lawyer to represent us in court yet, we will spend $2,000, $5000 even $10,000 on a trip without researching the person who is going to book it for us. It doesn't make sense to seek expert advise from a general travel agent who maybe books 1 or 2 trips to Tahiti a year and who quite possibly has never even been to Tahiti. Doesn't it make more sense to work with a travel agent that is a specialist in your destination? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I began my travel career some 25 years ago. I founded the retail travel agency, eTravelbound not only to introduce travelers to the beauty, culture and romance of Tahiti but to also get you the best value for your money. Get the expert's advice! All travel agents with eTravelBound have been awarded by the Tahiti Tourism Office the "Tahiti Tiare Certificate" in recognition for having achieved expert status on Tahiti and her Islands. Tahiti has always attracted a different kind of traveler...the artist, the adventurer, the writer, the poet... our experience makes us different. And remember, the South Pacific is all we do.


eTravelbound is able to offer you the best travel packages as we work in concert with many Tahiti tour companies. However we are not affiliated with them. We have no alliances. We will give you advice as to which company offers the best value for your particular itinerary but the ultimate choice is yours. The reason I mention this is, many travel agencies will try to "steer" you to use their "preferred travel provider". Many times this has the agencies best interest in mind, not yours! Why? The agency has made an arrangement with the provider to get paid higher commissions if they use the provider company exclusively. We have no such agreements. Having said that, we invite you to compare our prices.


We know for many people a trip to Tahiti is a major investment. For many it's the trip of a lifetime. I have only touched on some of the many aspects of Tahiti travel. There is so much more. You need this kind of straight up information. So take some time to wonder around our site. If you truly want to put money back into your pocket, then the information and service I'm offering to you is absolutely essential. The world is changing rapidly. So is the way people are making their travel plans. Making a reservation to Tahiti is not a matter of simply booking an airline reservation. You need to book an experience. We would like to talk to you. We would like to know your interests, your needs and your expectations. Contact us today and we'll begin creating the Tahiti adventure of your dreams.



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You work hard for your vacation...so you deserve the best. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeanne Kolander - your personal Tahiti travel consultant

P.S. Keep in mind, what makes the appeal and uniqueness of Tahiti are the small hotels and not a lot of airlines bringing in hoards of tourists. The downside to this is they fill up and sell out very early on. To insure you get your first choice book soon. If you don't, you run the risk of settling for your 2nd or 3rd choice on hotels, dates and airlines. People often ask: How early should I make my reservation? Once you have made a decision, make your reservations straight away.

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