We wanted to thank you for all your help planning our honeymoon! We had a FANTASTIC experience!

I loved the order in which we visited the islands. Moorea was gorgeous...beautiful, clear water, lots of coral and fish, great beaches. The food was good the hotel was nice, clean, and friendly. The pool was great and the hotel has lots of items (paddle boats, catamarans, kayaks) to help entertain us. It definitely se the standard for us.

Huahine took it up another step. Taking the ferry to get to the hotel was great...it really gave us that secluded, honeymoon feel. The restaurants at this hotel were fantastic! It was just a step up from the Hilton's food in Moorea. The overwater bungalow was great and the colors of the water were unbelievable. We didn't think it could get more pretty than Moorea, but Huahine definitely showed us differently. We added a day excursion at the last minute while we were there and it was great. It was a half day tour of the island. We saw a blue-eyed eel, went to a pearl farm, visited a vanilla plantation, and went by some great photo ops.

And then there was Bora Bora! Not only was the hotel a notch above the other two, but the colors of the water were like nothing we could have imagined. Iriatai was an amazing restaurant and the service ws great (even by American standards). The room was huge, beautiful, clean, and we had an amazing view! The beaches were gorgeous and you could tell the hotel spent quite of effort to keep them this way. They brought donuts around to the guests at the beach/pool at 3pm every day and the pool was great. Overall the resort was beautiful and relaxing.

I think if we had visited the islands in any other order, we would have been disappointed. But we definitely felt like we just kept moving up and getting more and more beautiful as we went. Great vacation!

Couple of small items I thought were worth mentioning. The pool at the Te Tiare looked bad. It was this putrid teal color and we didn't even consider getting in. The beaches there are so gorgeous we didn't really mind, but thought you might like to know for other clients. Also, Bora Bora, the hotel closes Iriatai on Tuesday nights and puts on a Tahitian dance show at the other restaurant (Tamure). We didn't think twice about it, but upon check-out they charged us between $70-$100 (depending on what exchange rate you're using) for that dinner as an extra add-on charge for the show even though our dinners were already included. I wouldn't have minded as much, but it was, by far, the worst of the 3 Polynesian dance shows we'd seen while we were there and the buffet they served wasn't that appealing. I just thought it was a little shady and we probably would have preferred to exclude our dinner for that night and headed into town had we known in advance. The check-in time for the Hilton in Bora Bora was also frustrating. We sat in the lobby for close to an hour waiting to taken to our room (it wasnt' that the room wasn't ready, it's that they only had 2 golf carts taking people to their rooms, so we had to wait for others to go)...we would have rather walked and saved the hour, but the front desk didn't seem to like that idea.

I don't want those items to lead you to believe we were in any way disappointed with our vacatin or your assistance. We loved every second. But I thought knowing might benefit you, so figured I would pass it along.

Thanks again!!
Amy & Dave - North Carolina

Now that I am back to reality, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for setting up my vacation. It was wonderful! We already want to go back - maybe next year. Bora Bora
was absolutely beautiful, and we probably saw more of that island than all the others because it's so small. Moorea was beautiful - but next time we might skip that island since it was soooo quite. We didn't do much on Tahiti other than hang out at the resort, but that was enough. We loved the Intercontinental on Tahiti. In fact, I'd probably spend more time there next time. I think I am hooked!
Renee & Tim - California

We just returned a few days ago from our trip to Bora Bora. I wanted to let you know what a great time we had. All of our transfers and voucher payments went smoothly and easily. I also really appreciate your advice on which resort to choose. We were VERY happy at the Sofitel. I am so glad you guided us in that direction. Thanks again for your professionalism and ease of doing business. I will let my friends know who to call when they plan their Tahiti vacation.
Elaine & Thomas - North Carolina

Just thought I would write and tell you that we had a fabulous time at the Pearl Beach Resort in Bora Bora. Everything went smooth and there wasn't one problem. Not that I expected there to be one but you never know. It was amazing! So glad we chose that resort, it was perfection and I would go back in a heartbeat! Thank you for all of your help in planning our trip and for answering all of our questions!
Judi & Wayne - New Jersey

I just wanted to thank you for your time and info in making our honeymoon in Bora Bora a memorable one! Believe it or not, I was hesitant about going to this remote island but everything made sense when our plane tipped down from the cloud and there it was. No words can explain how beautiful it is!! Although I wish we were there longer than the 8 days as scheduled since there are so many things to do, and more importantly, being there was like being away from this harsh reality that we were sad to come back to. Anyway, we really appreciated everything. You helped us to make out trip full of good memories.
Vy & Tuan - California

Everything went like clock work, from landing at the airport, being picked up, and transferred to the hotel, then to the dock and on to Moorea. That place is unbelievable. We could not have asked for anything nicer. The people were so friendly, and the water and the fish were just what I have always read and dreamed it would be. All the excursions were top-notch, and just the right amount of people. I was glad we had the meal plan we did. The food was good and the staff very nice. We did rent one of those buggies you can drive on the road and had a great time with it. Thanks again for a vacation of a lifetime. We are certainly planning to go back again, maybe even as early as next year.
Tom & Lynn - Connecticut

I wanted to let you know that our trip went very well. There were no glitches in any of the arrangements, nothing ran late, everyone was helpful, and we immensely enjoyed the trip, though a few more days would have been nice!

The Intercontinental on Moorea was fabulous, and I do thank you for booking us into such an ultra deluxe resort. The Novotel Bora Bora Beach Resort was nice, but of course, no comparison. We felt a bit of a let-down arriving there after the Intercontinental, but quickly adjusted.

I did want to let you know that the hotels appeared to offer the poorest exchange rate, while the banks provided the best. You may want to share that with clients.

Anyway, thanks again and if anyone we know needs a referral for planning this type of travel, you will be the one we recommend!
Nancy & Gus - Arizona

What an awesome time. A very long journey to get there, but worth the trip! We loved the Le Meridien and we had an awesome hut. Second to the last hut on the docks to the left with a straight on view of Mt. Otemanu! I swam laps out into the lagoon every morning between 5:30 & 6:00 for my workout. The evening of the fourth day we had strong currents from waves breaking over the outer reef and had a four foot shark visit us next to our deck. You can bet I checked the waters good after that!

The food at the restaurant was excellent and the hut and service all around was outstanding. We rented a car one day and explored the island, went to Bloody Marys for dinner one night, did the shark & ray feeding and another snorkel excursion. Great vacation with plenty excitement. Thanks for all your help in making it go smoothly and very enjoyable. I will refer anyone who is interested to you!

Came back to three kids, ten truck loads of leaves that needed picking up and now snow! Dreaming of Bora Bora.
Scott & Julie - Michigan

I would like to share with you our impressions of our visit to FP. It has been quite hectic after we came back from our trip and frankly quite difficult to get used to again. First of all, a huge thanks for setting us up on such a wonderful adventure. We simply can't stop
thinking about FP. Even our son, every time he sees a coco palm tree, beach and ocean, he keeps asking, when are we going on vacation. Simply put, we loved every second of our trip. We were really taken back by the hospitality, kindness and friendliness of the Tahitians.

We hope we will be able to do business with you again. We are so looking forward to another trip to FP or maybe Fiji. This trip, although expensive, was worth every single dollar.
Kasia & Tom - California

You did a wonderful job in arranging our travel. Everything was so terrific, we didn't want to leave. Tonia and I agreed that on Moorea, the Pearl's private garden pool bungalow was the way to go. We really liked the private pool secluded by the fence. Great choice there. It is so close to the market, we just walked and bought some food. The 4 x 4 excursion was fun and informative.
Moorea ranks #3 on our list of favorite islands.

Huahine was very private. The beaches are wonderful and our beach bungalow was great for watching sunsets. The island is quite. We rented bikes and traveled all around Huahine Nui (not an easy trek up the east side of the island with the 15 degree hills, but the view was worth it.)
Huahine ranks #4 on our list of favorite islands.

Tahaa was wonderful. Although the resort was the most expensive, it was all worth it. The private beach bungalow was definitely the way to go. Outdoor bathtub and shower, Jacuzzi pool with a lay down area, private stone fence, and to top it off, we got the bungalow on the end so it was very private. I couldn't help but feel that we were on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. We took notes on what to do for a future home. The resort was amazing. Out top four islands are pretty close and hard to tell which was better, but Tahaa seemed to stand out in all respects: food, service, activities, amenities, everything was terrific. The restaurant Chez Louise was by far the best meal we had on our entire honeymoon - although the décor was a little interesting (as you had pointed out). I will never find shrimp like that anywhere else. Also, the private motu picnic was so much fun. Randomly, we got to see dolphin swim and play with our boat on the way to the motu. It was definitely worth the trip. When we go back, we'll be staying longer here.
Tahaa ranks #1 on our list of favorite islands.

With all the hype that Bora Bora receives, we were looking forward to see if it would top Tahaa. Surprisingly, this was our least favorite. The service here wasn't the same and the people weren't as friendly as the other islands - we assumed because more tourists visit this island. Bloody Mary's was fun and we did go to one of the song and dance competitions for Heiva 2007.
Bora Bora ranks #5 on our list of favorite islands

With only 31 bungalows at the entire resort, Tikehau was a terrific end to our honeymoon. Very private, great snorkeling (the water is so clear), and kayaking opportunities. We think next time we may want to splurge on the overwater suite bungalow with a bath tub. Not sure if the beach bungalows in Tikehau can compare to Tahaa or even the garden pool bungalows on Moorea. Our beach rendezvous lunch was nice, as we fed fish at our feet as we ate lunch in the shallow sea. Fish were nibbling at the bread and on our toes!
Tikehau ranks #2 on our list of favorite islands.

I never did get to see a waterfall out there but that gives us another reason to go back!
Richard & Tonia - Florida

Thank you so much for our wonderful honeymoon. We had an unbelievable time! We loved Moorea for the mountains but Bora Bora was our favorite. We love the overwater bungalows. Out last stop was Taha'a. That hotel is amazing. The food and drinks were the best there. The best part of the way we planned it was that the resort just kept getting better and better as the vacation progressed…from Moorea to Bora Bora and then to Taha'a. Overall my three favorite things that we did were climbing to the top of a volcano on Moorea, getting spa treatments on Taha'a, and feeding the stingrays and sharks on Bora Bora.

We are already talking about going back to Bora Bora for an anniversary. One comment: When we traveled from Bora Bora to Taha'a we wished that we would have booked the helicopter instead of the Air Tahiti flight.
Kristin & Dom - New York

We got back last week. Everything went smoothly even though it rained more than I would have liked, we had a wonderful time. The flights were on time, the hotels were beautiful, the food was excellent and the service was outstanding. On Moorea we enjoyed a dinner at the Linareva and highly recommend the Tiki Village Theatre. On Bora Bora our dinner at Kaina Hut was excellent. Thanks again for setting it up.
Bob & Jo Anne - California

Thanks for arranging the best vacation of our lives!
Randy & Marisa - Texas

I wanted to write and thank you for helping us to have a wonderful vacation experience. Penny and I were very pleased with all the arrangements you made for us. I wanted to pass along a couple of highlights and some suggestions along the way.

1) The suggestion to go to Moorea first was spot on! Really loved it. No traffic or noise.
The Moorea Inter-Continental was terrific in every way - very relaxed, everyone friendly and accommodating. Wonderful staff and restaurant. I wish we would have gone for the Beach Bungalow when we had the chance.

2) The Shark & ray feeding was amazing and thank you for encouraging us not to dump it.

3) Tahiti Inter-Continental has an amazing pool. I didn't realize until we were actually there that part of it is a sea water (man made) lagoon full of colorful fish and sting rays. Very cool! Spent the last day (late check-out) sun bathing and swimming in the lagoon and pool. The food and staff in Tahiti was good but you could really sense a different atmosphere from Moorea.

4) I was worried the all day Tahiti land safari was going to be a trip on pavement to the shirt shops, souvenir shops and black pearl outlets with the occasional stars homes thrown in. I was very relieved and happy to find out these fears were unfounded! Unbelievably rugged and beautiful terrain. Who would have guessed the interior was totally undeveloped. Wonderful time. Lunch was great and the guide was terrific.

5) Good transportation connections. All very seamless.

6) One small thing: Speaking for myself, we here in the US have become accustomed to having microwave ovens in the rooms. Not so in Tahiti. I had taken popcorn for the occasional late night snack and brought it back with me. You might tell others that there are no such accommodations in these hotels. Certainly not a big deal, but somewhat surprising all the same.

Once again, thank you very much for the terrific vacation.
Kevin & Penny - Washington

Well, it is all over bar the credit card bills. Yes it was an epic journey to the other side of the world and worth the planning with you, the wait, the time, the anticipation and the $$$.

Air Tahiti Nui - excellent, fine plane, seats as promised, food good, entertainment systems excellent, crew very pleasant, and the flights were on time.

First hotel, Tahiti Inter-Continental was Lori's favorite. She liked the two pools and we both especially enjoyed the Lotus Pool, a remarkable creation and we spent a lot of time there. We loved the dip in the morning off the bungalow. Food was good, nice service. Ate in town one night at La Ramona (Italian/Tuscany theme) very accommodating and nice change from the hotel but after you spend 5000 cfp on cabs it isn't really any cheaper than dining at the hotel.

Moorea overall was my favorite. I liked the layout of hotel Inter-Continental and our bungalow was great - at the end where the turtle sanctuary is located - quiet and lovely view of the water. Had a grand time there and enjoyed a visit with the dolphins. I enjoyed renting a bike and peddling down the road a couple of clicks to the stores, internet café, etc.

Huahine was the best bungalow we had (though all were superior rooms). People were very nice. I did not realize how much French I was going to speak, so that was a nice little bonus. It was also frankly very nice to find so many nationalities other than American - good mix of Europeans, mainly French of course.

So after nine flights, ten ground transfers, two boat transfers and about 12,500 miles we are back with indelible memories. The folks at eTravelBound guided us well and thank you for making it a time to remember.
Richard & Lori - Massachusetts

We have returned. Had a great time at the Moorea Pearl. The people there, and throughout Moorea, were very gracious with a gentleness not often found in the U.S. We found we could kayak out to the barrier reef and greatly enjoyed the snorkeling both out there as well as along the shore. The water was warm and clear and very calm. No rain, except for a couple of brief gentle showers around dinner time. The food was delicious with artistic presentation. The chef at Moorea Pearl is wonderful. I can't say enough good about Air Tahiti Nui. A relaxing and fulfilling vacation trip. Thank you for your help.
Christina & Stephen - California


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