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If you are seeking a special experience, spectacular scenery, few tourists and no giant hotels, then Tahiti is for you! Tahiti vacations are a travel adventure that remains unrivaled by other tropical destinations. When compared to popular tourist locales like Hawaii, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Tahiti feels like a peaceful retreat, not a crowded tourist trap. Far removed from loud college kids on spring break, Tahiti vacations are in a class by themselves.

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What is so special about Tahiti and her islands? This is an easy one, because we are talking about the most beautiful islands in the world. The water is of breathtaking clarity, teeming with rainbows of tropical fish. The palm-shaded beaches are pristine and secluded. Majestic, magnificent and monumental--rugged volcanic mountains reach for azure skies, while cascading waterfalls flow through emerald green valleys. Perhaps the most rare and precious of gems you will discover are the people, with their sparkling eyes and radiant smiles. And let's not forget to mention the flowers, food, music and dance, all of which will delight the senses.

Allow eTravelBound to help you design the perfect Tahiti vacation. You'll have the ability to select from among a variety of activities with detailed descriptions, view photos, and compare amenities between featured hotels. Your Tahiti vacation will include airfare, hotel, ground transfers, meeting service, baggage handling, and if you elect, meals and excursions. Our longstanding relationships with island hotels and airlines allow us to offer incredible savings to all of our travelers.

With the help of eTravelBound, you can choose from a very special selection of itineraries, all created to make your stay memorable. Regardless of whether you are looking for a five-day getaway or an extended Tahiti vacation, we can make it happen. With such great packages available, now is the perfect time to experience Tahiti firsthand!

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P.S. Keep in mind, what makes the appeal and uniqueness of Tahiti are the small hotels and not a lot of airlines bringing in hoards of tourists. The downside to this is they fill up and sell out very early on. To insure you get your first choice book soon. If you don't, you run the risk of settling for your 2nd or 3rd choice on hotels, dates and airlines. People often ask: How early should I make my reservation? Once you have made a decision, make your reservations straight away.

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