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The beautiful islands of Tahiti have a rich and colorful history that is uniquely their own. There are a number of theories on the origination of the Polynesian people. Many believe that the Polynesian people are descendants of Southeast Asia, having migrated to Tahiti and the other Polynesian islands prior to 1,000 AD. From that point on, a unique culture began that paid homage to the beauty of island life.

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As the age of exploration experienced its golden era throughout the 18th century, the Polynesian islands were visited by a number of early explorers including the likes of Vancouver, Wallis, and Captain Cook. Prior to European exploration, Tahiti was divided into territories that were ruled by sovereign chiefs. In 1957, the French declared that Polynesia was their overseas territory, whereby Tahiti became one of the French Polynesian Islands.

Today, Tahiti has a rich culture that has been shaped by eastern and western influences. People from all over the world consider the French Polynesian Islands to be one of the most beautiful locales in the world. As the largest island, Tahiti is a kaleidoscope of colors. Lush green foliage, striking flowers, turquoise waters, and an azure sky dazzle the senses.

If you are interested in traveling to Tahiti, contact eTravelBound today. Years of experience and knowledge of the island help us bring you a travel experience you'll never forget. We take great pride in making your vacation just what you want it to be. We are committed to providing you with all the information you need to make the most of your travel experience.

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P.S. Keep in mind, what makes the appeal and uniqueness of Tahiti are the small hotels and not a lot of airlines bringing in hoards of tourists. The downside to this is they fill up and sell out very early on. To insure you get your first choice book soon. If you don't, you run the risk of settling for your 2nd or 3rd choice on hotels, dates and airlines. People often ask: How early should I make my reservation? Once you have made a decision, make your reservations straight away.

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